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JEFF 92 operates at 91.9 on the FM dial with a transmitting power of 250 watts. Monday through Friday during the school year, from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. you can hear "morning shows." These hour long programs vary from day to day and each bear the unique stamp of the student DJs who volunteer their time in the morning for these shows. The rest of the school day you'll hear students during their Radio-TV classes.

PSA information:  JEFF 92 will publicize your non-profit event during the LSC school year. 

Send your information at least 2 weeks in advance to

45 years of student-run radio from the halls of

Jefferson High School.

The William S. Fraser Radio-TV Center

Jefferson High School

1801 S. 18th Street  Lafayette,  Indiana  47905

765.772.4700, Ext. 2580, 2578

From the halls of Jefferson High School...JEFF 92

Special Thanks to the

The Jefferson High School newspaper, The Booster

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At times you may not be able to access our webcast.  This is usually due to circumstances beyond our control.  If you do notice problems with the webcast you can contact us at  Thank you.

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Request line when students are present: 765-772-4736

WJEF joins the Jefferson HS community in mourning the death of Mr. Donn Pruitt.  Donn was the scorekeeper for football and basketball games, and was a strong supporter of JEFF 92.  To those folks who have donated to JEFF 92 in Donn’s name, we thank you very much.

The Director of Radio-TV is

Randy Brist